I found another great mod model but it had a few things that needed addressed so I have cleaned up the 4-5 warnings that was in log text For Starters Here is what’s been more the list
Added Front Marker Lights
Added High Beams
Added Dashlights

Added Mirror’s
Added Reallights to markers, turn signals & brake lights
Added 6000k Hid color Diamond White lights
Adjusted Suspension setting’s
Removed 5th Wheel Added Ball Instead 95% of farm trailers are 2 5/16 ball hitch so seeing this is not campers are us or ATS the 5th wheel is gone I like 5th wheel but nothing in game runs them so its gone
Added Indoor Hud Tach & Speedo
And maybe A few things I forgot But That’s the big part of upgrade
This was and is a great mod I just tuned up real good I have found #1 favorite truck for FS
nd Maybe a few things I forgot but

Credits: Scripts by: Alagoas modding
Converted by: Thijs1239


ford_F350_Dually  (file size = 54 MB)

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