36FT PJ Trailer

Uploaded by Bingo_7610

This is a mod I converted from Farming Simulator 15. It is a 36FT Trailer. This mod works very well and has no issues.

– To raise and lower the ramps on the trailer, hold right or left click and move your mouse from right to left.
– To lock the load, press Y.
When you put this mod in you mods folder and load up your game and it doesn’t show up, go back into your mods folder and extract the mod to your mods folder.

Credits: Bingo_7610


PJ_Trailer_36FT_converted  (file size = 8 MB)

One comment

  • Spanky

    This mod has some serious issues… both in the log and ingame. Conflicts with the mod FS17_ForRealModule02_TireDirt as well.

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