After more than a year of construction, Ma map represents a region of Normandy (Cotentin) with a relief of the same ground!
The project started a blank map (x2) by incorporating the relief of my region via google earth!

Characteristics of the map:
– 53 fields.
– 1 villages.
– 3 points of sale.
– BGA has the farm.
– Sale of milk manually.
– 1 Farmhouse
– Roads are narrow roads! Equipment max 4 Meters.
– Storage Semence is Solid fertilizer on the farm
– Storage Gazoil on the farm
– Storage Liquid fertilizing on the farm
– installation Compost master
– 2 fields with solo missions
– A Little Foret

The Map will be updated as new scripts are released.

– Mods Season Compatible
– Addition of a Foret As well as triggers of sale wood (Emerald)
– Adding a CUMA
– Curage manure cow cow is piggery
– Modification of Porcherie
– New Fruit add: Apples. Possibilities of harvesting in cages
Is to sell them at the point of sale: La Cidrerie For an apple harvest
Optimal, the apple tree requires compost or manure to have
Crate. The manure or compost is deposited on the trunk of the apple trees with a tractor equipped with a frontloder                            or with a telescopic.
– Addition of new Big Bag (seed, fertilizer) to the purchase at the concession
– Added a lot of detail is animation
– Tablet Compatible

! New Backup Required !

Thank you to all my friends for their advice, test is opinion: Mrludo40, ninix, yohan, tontonted, titi49, quentin, Altek, raxash, vincent, rafiki, apocalipse.
A very big thank you to all those who will recognize their 3D Object, Scripts, textures, etc … Without them, it would have been impossible for me to create this maps! Thank you very much !

Creation: Niksarko

AGRI_OC_Ls17 (file size = 639 MB)

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  • y du 22

    bonjour ,
    belle map , mais n’y aurait il pas la possibilité de modifier les moutons ??
    soit en les rapprochant de la ferme ou alors , de modifier l’endroit des moutons ?

    mais très beau travaille !!!!! respect !!!!

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