Old Iron AC 200 version 1
Welcome to the old american farming experience with old iron allis chalmers 200 tractor.
This is my best tractor from my mod folder. Copying, modifying, spreading, and sharing is highly anticipated, accepted, allowed, and approved by giants license agreement for world wide distribution.

No longer a private mod shared to only a few american modders who refuse to share it, this is my gift to you, my gift to the caucaususes ha ha ha ha.

Credits: American Iron Modding, American Eagle modding, Linberg Modding, SRS Mods, and many more not mentioned HAD nothing to do with this MOD.

ALL CREDITS AND RIGHTS GOES TO GIANTS, the Great Founder and Creator of the mighty software we use called GIANTS EDITOR. NO OTHER CREDIT GOES TO ANYONE.

FS17_AC200 (file size = 6 MB)


  • jimmy

    This aint your mod, this is from Facebook group, your a thief you piece of shit

    • fuck jimmy

      god, I wish these mods were actual, physical objects. That way I could smash people like you in the side of your fucking heads with them. cry baby fucking twerps

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