Welcome in Alpenfeld

Version 2.0
– Map expansion (Zellertal + Selmpass) (see also trailer and pictures)
– Shop trigger fixed
– Alm sale trigger fixed

– new hall at the main house
– new PDA
– Village improved
– Waterplane fixed
– More bushes and shrubs installed
– Collision at the small lamps removed
– new launch vehicles
– Reset point fixed
– and many other small changes

Alpenfeld is a mountain region.
1 farmhouse
4 unloading stations
1 biogas plant
1 sawmill
2 mountain huts
1 village
1 SKI area
1 main forest and many smaller forests
1 Marketplace (cattle purchase)
1 beetroot potato storage
1 gas station
Animated gates
Switch lights
Additional mods weden none required!
You can also look at the PDA for a better overview. The streets and fields were highlighted on the PDA.
I would ask you to publish the map somewhere.

Credits: Sonstige: -farming2001
-Niggels – VertexDezign
-Giants Software
Farmer Andy


AlpenfeldV2NEWF (file size = 584 MB)

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