– Big farm for machine storage and potatoes and sugar beet storage. Straw sales Farm you can relieve at night with the light switch boot.

– The cows, sheep, pigs are together on the 2nd erf – Big grain storage at the animals-
– Big BGA
– Milk factory click here for the placeable milk mod
– Big Machine Shop
– Point of sale for the crops
– Extra fertilizer/seed sale point
– 14 Fields
– PDA Map

Credits: Map by Mike Giants, American Eagles Modding, light Niggels, Lindbejb Modding, FS-UK,Modder


AmericanFarmfd  (file size = 537 MB)


  • Spanky

    Not too sure about this being a different version… All the reported issues with version 1 (incorrect field sizes, for example) are still present in this download. That said, this is still a very nice map. Not perfect (could use some attention to the details) but nice.

  • Seacat94

    nice map, but 163 billion dollars to buy a field, really, is there a more recent version that is not so expensive to expand your farm?

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