This is the American Outback – Special Edition Map. It is Seasons-ready, supports ChoppedStraw and is a 99% overhaul of the original American Outback map.

List of changes:
– new roads
– new farm

– new town
– new hills
– new trains
– new selling points
– new trees across the whole map
– more green color pallet used across the map

Map info:
– cows
– chickens
– sheep
– 18 fields

Credits: somethingonmyshoe2

FS17_American_Outback_Special_Edition (file size = 323 MB)

One comment

  • Wolf67

    Has anyone else had issues with dumping product at the farm silo?
    It seems that some things show up at the train storage once dumped at the farm, and the farm silo does not have it at all.

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