Today I offer you a control box for the Hofsilo’s. The switchbox is originally from the placeable Silo System from
Fasi, Eribus and kevink98, but since the yard silo system could not use as a main silo, I have the control box removed and on blacky’s
Digital Amount Mover. The buttons and lights again Animated and added a new ad with boot animation.

Blacky’s Digital Amount Mover allows you to display the silo levels as well as the remaining capacity.

The control box has to be installed with the Giants editor, but I have made it as easy as possible and a detailed installation manual
In the mod, so that every one of the only basic knowledge in the Giants editor could have embedded in.

Credits: Textur: fasi, Eribus
Idee / Konzept: Ls-Modcompany
Sonstige: Marcus

Schaltkasten  (file size = 4 MB

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