The shelf has 3 compartments, Trays 1 and 2 can be moved up and down.
Changelog V1.1:
The shelf has now been set in such a way that the floors stand on their respective levels when the shelf is placed.

Apparently, there is an error that does not take the current positions when saving. Except before you save everything back to the standard.
Thus saving space with several cutters, for example, and does not require any tools
To stow away. The shelf is about 16m long and about 2m (it fit 2 pallets one behind the other) wide.
In addition, the shelf has a cutting tool, which can be used to load the cutters on trailers via front loaders, wheel loaders or telescopic loaders.
The download contains a zip, please unpack it and copy two zips in the Mod folder.
Please always use the original downloadlink, thanks!
Therefore it is advisable to adjust the shelf again as it was when you bought it before you store it.

Credits: SanAndreas, Giants


swr_swt1  (file size = 7 MB)

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