Hello AutoDrive friends,

Since I got a positive message about the Stiffi 2017 network
And would like to offer you the possibility that you then the network with more than 7740 waypoints and 150 breakpoints make available.

To do this, you only have to consider a small thing. It’s all there is to do in the description below, but before you download the petch you have to own the mod AutoDrive, sunday is your link again.
Lots of savings and last a recommendation or comments, for everything else I am open.
Important: Please save your old plug-in from the Savegame1, 2,3 … Save and save it in a different folder, if you want your network again.
Unzip the file and follow the file to follow

Copy file to AutoDriveInport
In the game, continue to options on button assignment and search the name AD: Stretch Export and AD: Stretch Inport.
Documents The two, AD: Exporting routes with Ctrl + F7 and AD: Lines import with Ctrl + F8 and save everything then.
Then start your desired score and enter into a vehicle and press Srrg + F8 and the track will be put into your game.
To keep the stretch net once the game reserve, normal

Credits: Draco1


Stiffi_2017 (file size = 225 KB)

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