Here, exclusively for you the Axiener country in Ls 2017
Long story short, in the Map is a real replica by Google Earth.

The idea came to me because I lived in this place, to create a map for real model.
There are the standard fruits blocked from LS 17th

Unloading ye in the village:
-Landhandel Accepts all types of fruit
Drug consumption takes eggs and wool
-Kuhstall Back there will get you your animals
There are all the animals built from the LS 17

Credits: Deere8400


AxienerLand  (file size = 407 MB)

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  • Renato

    Hier habt kein recht die Axienerland einzustellen u. dann noch mit frend DL link.
    Bitte um Löschen der Map.

    Gruß MRM Team

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