Welcome to a small village at the Baltic Sea. Your farm is surrounded by the beach, but there is no time for a holiday.

– new pda map
– purchase symbols field 48/49 fixed
– bale sellpoint enlarged
– additional sellpoint at the port

– tipping at biogas-Siloking with trailer possible
– snow mask improved
– farm entrance reworked

Cows, pigs and sheep are waiting to be fed. Not only that.
Many small to large fields and meadows have to be farmed and the harvest can be sold at various retailers, so that you may expand your fleet with new machines.
If boredom arises, two forests are ready and the biogas plant does not work on its own.

All standard functions of the FS17 are installed. You can also play with seasons and ChoppedStraw.

Credits: Redkeinstus

FS17_BalticSea (file size = 536 MB)

One comment

  • P. Neumann

    Hi! Map looks really great, BUT:
    I played this map now for only a few days, but I had to stop. This map is a CATASTROPHY!!!
    Everywhere FENCES, where you stick with your vehicles, but worst of all: nearly no field, where helpers can drive and harvest WITHOUT problems: Fences are too near to the fields, so that they can’t turn around their vehivles, no single field, where helpers are able to harvest the COMPLETE seeded areas…leftovers nearly in every field, so you have to harvest it all manually! Exactly at the corners of some big fields there are placed trees, so that the helpers ALSO are not able to harvest the complete field! grrrrrrrr……..@!~*!
    The farm in the central place is a LABYRINTH without system!
    Sorry, but this were days of wasted time without any fun…I deleted this HORROR map :-(( This seems to be made for hated enemies…

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