Features maps:
– Two farm, on medium and small machines
– Interesting terrain
– Purchase
– 19 different fields and meadows 4
– Silos BIN

– Buildings from GoldFox
– I3d 801KB
The more you learn when you download maps
Please no “hejtu” because I talked
with GoldFox’em and got permission to release.

On the map are also cows that do not work.
Because they do not work trough. Silos QQ, manure,
manure, purchase / transport / unloading cow work.
If someone manages to solve the problem of cows or
Find an error on this map, please info on priv.
Once downloaded, you must extract the file in the folder “mods”.
I have a nice game of my first map!

Credits: B4R0N & GoldFox


baranowicev1-2-2_wypakuj (file size = 302 MB)

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