Hello super farmers Here is a new edition of this wonderful tractor that for many this is forgotten but I like
I hope and you like it
Speed: 29 km / h
it washable

It has a footprint on the wheels.
You can select the color of the wheels
It has lights and many more features
You have no errors in registration
If you download from this link I will be happier XD
Wait for the new versions
As always many hours of work here for your edition so have fun.

Credits: Vegueta


tractor_bigbud_747_blackp (file size = 32 MB)

One comment

  • shadesfarmer69

    Just a note: if you load the mod ‘tractor_bigbud_747_yellow’ without mod ‘tractor_bigbud747’ in your mod folder, you will get a error. for some reason its looking for mod ‘tractor_bigbud747’. the black mod 747 works fine.
    hopefully the next version will be fixed with no errors.

    testing for pass/fail….
    mod is a pass and doenst effect game or game play.
    great mod
    1 error

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