Bizon Z058 Record available
– improved external camera
– improved internal camera
– passenger mod
– open door to approach
– IC panel (door, window)
– folding tube from the cabin (Panel IC)

– manual dump to “O”
– Moving in
– directions (speed, speed, fuel status)
– clutch, brake, and gas animation
– lights from the lights and direction indicators
– chopper spread on the approach of the “X”
– side and top flaps
– warning lights (roosters)
– Pulley animation
– gets dirty
– real lights
– real fumes
Real sounds
– maximum speed of 25 km / h
– operating speed 6-7 km / h
– 3,500 L tank capacity
– fuel tank 240 L
– hook on the trolley
– clean LOG!
– three color versions: red, yellow and blue
– improved textures in yellow and blue
– and other

The .xml file and Bizon moddesc were rewritten from scratch by me, so they should not show errors. If something happens write me a message and I will delete it;)

Heder for cereals
– animation of a scythe
– distributed divider of the approach approach “X”
– new rape table
– Kos raccoon table animations
– gets dirty

Heder for maize
– basic script
– gets dirty

House for heder◄
– basic script
– gets dirty


– Because it is not my model, I do not claim my rights to it. Only please respect my work and if you want to issue a correction then write to me on facebook
– ban on other internet forums on farming themes, etc.


FS17_BizonZ058Rekord_Czerwony_Wypakuj  (file size = 49 MB)

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