Welcome to Australia. Get ready for some Broad Acre Farming. Map is not to be edited, uploaded or reproduced in anyway.

this is the biget map todeat have fund lots to do and see.
this is a 16x map yes 16 lot to do and see biges todead yet have fun everyone.

Credits: Giants

Download (file size = 1,9 GB)


  • Ben

    This file uploaded to this site is a fake. I am the maker of the map and no permission was given to upload this map to this site. This is not Broad Acres. Requesting this site to remove it as nil permission was given and its a fake file. If you want the real map to play the only place to get it is Broad Acres 16x Map on Facebook. The map has not been uploaded to any other site.

  • ross

    This is stolen edit of a map I testing. The official one is only on facebook. it is missing vital components to work properly.

  • BlackThumb

    And it’s starting to appear on other FS17 mods download sites.

    Good luck with the kiddie/amateur admins of the site/s, they probably won’t take it down as it ‘hurts’ their download ranking.


  • Ed

    Once it’s out it’s out can’t stop it

  • Garth Harrs

    Illegally posted mod without the owners permission

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