Hello farmers.

Version 1.2
Various conversions in the city
MARY`s FARM has got a side yard, as well as Wright Agribusiness
A SOLARPARK has been added
Sheep breeding now has a railway connection

Here is my BurgenlandMap in the 2017 issue.
As usual, I placed some castles from my home region on the map. (Rudelsburg, Saaleckburg …)
The card is a remodeling of the GOLDCREST VALLEY. The unloading points and courtyards, the machinist and the sawmill were expanded and equipped with new buildings. Also in the city I have exchanged or added buildings.
The poor vegetation of the map has been transformed with many trees and bushes. New sounds in almost all areas of the map. Where it seemed reasonable to me, I had created new paths. There are also a few abbreviations. You can find it already if you look around. And now – off to the field.

Credits: enduroroland

Burgenland2017NEWG (file size = 927 MB)

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