This FS17 mod enables you to purchase bales at the store. (category: pallets)

You can choose either straw, hay or silage bales, they will appear stacked at the vehicle shop, these bales will function as any bale made with a baler.

With this mod the dedicated dairy farmer will no longer need a combine harvester to acquire straw bales for bedding.

Beta version!
It is possible to lease a “bale delivery”, as the shop item is technically a vehicle.
Everything else works just fine.

A proper release will follow. I decided to upload the beta as most of you will still be able to enjoy the mod in its current state.

Credits: baron


fs17_buybales (file size = 227 KB)

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  • Mark Munday

    Hi, I am trying to use this mod but when I go to the store and Buy say Straw all I get is the purchasing item panel with the hourglass moving up and down. Can you help please

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