Welcome in the sunny California

Version 2.1
remove the blocking element at the Ingleside Dairy. Add 2 gasstaition trigger

The original, and the one and only.
everything is custom and unique made. No more to say.

Credits: Danjelmc

cali_new (file size = 1.4 GB)

One comment

  • Spanky

    This is a (very) rough beta… Plenty of errors (some are simple fixes and some aren’t), PDA map all but useless, doors don’t open, invisible objects, etc… Map editor decided to add stuff (gravel, concrete…) to the map before fully converting to FS17, which is a recipe for disaster. But, all that said, it does start and run…

    With some (actually a lot of) work this map could be interesting. But, as it stands, it may not be worth the download (1.4Gb), unless you’re prepared to put some serious work into it, or put up with the problems and act as a beta tester for the map editor.

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