Welcome in the sunny California

Version 3
new courtyards and buildings

Version 2.1
remove the blocking element at the Ingleside Dairy. Add 2 gasstaition trigger

The original, and the one and only.
everything is custom and unique made. No more to say.

Credits: Danjelmc

Download (file size = 1,6 GB)

One comment

  • Scott

    This is a real nice map and being from California I was so excited to use this map…..BUT…it’s all wacko!!! When you click on things like the cow area, sheep area, chicken coop and almost anything other than the symbols that represent a field hire point you are take somewhere to the middle of a field somewhere or out in the middle of no where with nothing around. The symbols for most of the items show they are in the middle of the field. For instance, look at the chicken symbol, if you go there, your in the middle of the field just like it shows on the map but there is no chicken coop anywhere in site!

    A min. ago I mentioned the field so lets get back to them. Half of the fields are NOT numbered!!!! It is hard to believe that this is version 3.0, I would hate to see what the previous versions looked like.

    The only other thing I guess I should mention is that the game kept locking up for minutes at a time.

    As a side not, I have lots an lots of FS2017 mod maps and none of them have ever and still don’t lock up nor have any of the other problems I mentioned above. Hope you can figure it out and fix it because I would love to be able to play it.

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