14 large boxes

Update version 1.2.0
– Unloading and sales points expanded, manure and manure are sold in separate places
-new buildings, silos, etc.
-new village (altogether 3)
– many lights are installed in the workplaces and streets

– new places for placeable objects, are grass-free, gravelled or paved and marked with an x in the PDA. There you have many parking lots for your objects (especially for greenhouses, wind power plants, etc.)
– new grass texture

1 large farm, all animals on the farm
several outlets
completely new textures of Eribus (Forgotten plants and landscape)
some open spaces for placeable objects
The properties are a mix of the two orig. maps with updated textures and new own objects

Credits: jerrico


CanadianAgriculture1_2 (file size = 797 MB)

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