For those who asked for a canadian farming map with larger fields, here it it. This map was created using the last canadian farming map issued as a starting point.

The only buildings moved are the gardens, I created each field one by one to match the CaseIH sowing machine and the vario 1200 (large bar). All mandatory vehicules are built in the map, in addition I added some you can replace with by removing them from your mods folder, they are: Holmer pack (T4-40 and earth fruits cutters) and the trailer pack ( fuel, milk and bulk). They are not included on the map at first. The remaining files must be copied to your mods folder for proper map operation. I included also small machinery for the three free fields.

Credits: renebqc, modders and scripters with anything used to create this map.

Download (file size = 1,6 GB)

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