This is the last one before a new game start is required.

Just replace your canadian production map version 1 with this one.

corrections: sheep navigation mesh, gold nugets, dog meat, cow liquid manure level, fuel sale triggers, water parts missing for paper carton factory, pig heat lamps, empty pallet dual output corrected, liquid fertilizer pro has yellow light now, and all previous corrections.

Credits: renebqc

GGCanadianProductionMap (file size = 1 GB)

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  • brainville servigny

    bonjour, il y a une erreur sur mon log par rapport a la map…..
    “AdditionalMapTypes v1.0.0.8: \__ AdditionalMapTypes V1.0.0.8 by Blacksheep – RC-Devil from 18 Januar 2017 is loading
    \__ Error: fill type “woodChips” already exists. “AdditionalMapTypes” will skip its registration.

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