This is the second of canadian production map.
This map requires a new start, it will not work with version 1.

I realised that while trying to build that big field, machine were acting funny in certain area,
that problem was fixed by removing all trees in that area of the map.
Dairy, butcher, bakeries, paper carton were rebuilt and many other corrections made.
Tested and corrected remaining problems I found.

Credits: renebqc

CanadianProductionMap2 (file size = 1 GB)


  • Dancheyenne

    lorsqu on rejoint la parti en multijoueur le nombre d’animaux est pas pareille comme le joueur hote et ne fonctionne pas pour le joueur qui rejoint

  • Scott

    Let me know when your done doing all the fixes and updated, then I will download it. I am tried of downloading over and over again only to have to download again. When all is said and done and there are not going to be anymore updates and the version is final and not more versions will be coming then I will waste my bandwidth one last time.

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