Hey Love LS fans,
I offer here for you today a savegame on.
The savegame for the standard Map ‘Goldcrest Valley’, and is already pre-processed with corn and other plants häckselbaren.
Money is also quite a bit yet!

Thought the create this savegames I have, that it already has to give a prefabricated savegame where you can with his buddies directly start a LAN party mood: D ….. so where can then be losgehäckselt directly, without much effort. (Vehicles must ye buy of the money probably myself: D)
Many fields are here already planted with corn and almost ready for harvest. Other fields can in turn threshed or to be harvested and gehäckslet directly with a direct cutting system.
Sugar beet and potatoes you will on this savegame vain looking for! But I think to a resonable LAN party will probably still chopped !!! ; D
Happy Farming, All of them!

Credits: GIANTS
Tester: meine Wenigkeit 😀
Sonstige: GIANTS und der rest der Welt


Kariere_Savegame  (file size = 386 KB)

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