CaseIH 370 Steiger v1.1.0.0

Uploaded by Spanky

CaseIH 370 Quadratrac converted to wheels.
Found this posted here several weeks ago. Conversion to FS17 was started but not completed. Since a completed version hasn’t been posted, thought I’d share this edit…
Fully converted to FS17 with the exception of a few old shape file warnings in the log.

Since I’m editing on a Mac and don’t have access to the Giants editor, can’t fix the warnings. To fix this issue, all that needs to be done is to open the mod in the Giants editor and save it.
Dual and triple wheel configurations with wheel weights and edited for 395 horsepower. Lights all work. Hired help and Courseplay friendly (insofar as Courseplay plays nice itself, considering it’s still in development).
Don’t know who originally converted the tractor to wheels. Giants and fignuts were listed in the modDesc.
Have fun…

Credits: fignuts, Spanky


CaseIH_370_V1  (file size = 12 MB)

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