other mods for farming simulator 17


Meet the fully converted me fashion. Technology is no longer inverted, non-slip and fixed that the lack of animation of splashes of mud. Improved the gearbox. When inclusion of low transmission gain traction 3 times. Enjoy better in my opinion when you buy the transmission the “Power Shift”. Now you want to use wide or dual wheels when plowing. Just write that on Russian tractors strong dive into the ground.

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FS17 – I SEE BALES V1.0.0.0

This mod will cause the PDA player map to show hotspots for bale and fillable pallet objects where ever they exist on the map.

If you’ve ever wondered whether or not you’ve finished picking up bales in a large field (since the game doesn’t always render them visible to the player, depending on view distance and location), this mod might help you find them and ensure your field is clean. The same applies to finding any and all pallets of material on the map, whether seed, fertilizer, pig feed, etc.

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