Weidemann eHoftrac-Pack v1.0.0.0

The new 1160 eHoftrac – the innovation for your business!

Price: € 34,000
Motor: electric
SimpleIC (door, roof)

Charging station:
Price: € 200
For placing on a wall

Bale spike:
Price: 600 €

Double knife mower:
Price: 4500 €
Mowing under fences/field edges/road edges

Riding arena planner:
Price: 7500 €
Work on the riding arena/in the riding hall
Function as weeder

Salt spreader:
Price: 1200 €
Salt spreader for the yard and small paths
The control panel is automatically visible in the 1160 eHoftrac

1. Place the charging station in the parking position of the Weidemann eHoftrac.
2. If the eHoftrac is not used, park the vehicle at the parking position and “refuel” (“refueling” takes place, since this simulates charging the battery).

1. To place the charging station, I recommend the “PlaceAnywhere” modification from Github, in order to place the charging station perfectly.
2. I recommend using external attachments because the “Stoll” attachments are too wide. » Read more

Volvo EC-300 Pack Unzip v1.0

Hello all!
Fs Miner Creations and Edits.
This time I have a mod pack for you , this pack includes  :
-Update version of Volvo EC-300E Buckets
-Fixed all errors at Tmp Leaked Volvo EC-300E also remove all tools expept the Engcon Attacher , the Forks and the Graber.
-Rescale the Engcon Attacher , the Forks and the Graber to fit to Volvo EC-300E Standard and Long Reach.
-Edit the Volvo EC-300E Standard and Long Reach to accept the Volvo EC-300E Buckets and Engcon Attacher.
-Fixed all errors Volvo EC-300E Standard and Long Reach

I did not get any credits for the models (expept mine)


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