KOLKOLOWO Map v1.0.0.0

I am issuing the map because it has spread to people and they want to publish it on their behalf, so it is the author of the map “TENZBEK” I know that the map is not at the level, but I learned a lot with it

for the map to work properly, you must have these buildings in mods:

have a nice game:}
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[Label Modder] Altkirch im Elsass v1.0.0.0

Herzlich willkommen auf der Altkirch im Elsass

Hierbei handelt es sich um die Altkirch die Ihr bestimmt aus dem LS17 noch kennt!

Es handelt sich dabei um eine 4fach Map.

Die Map ist natürlich Seasons Ready und auch Maiz Plus ready

Natürlich gibt es auch einiges an Produktionen (ca.60Stück) und jetzt auch mehrere Höfe.

Die Produktionen laufen alle über Global Company

Desweiteren sind auch Radars verbaut die auch im Multiplayer ordentlich Geld kosten wenn man geblitzt wird.

Alle Fahrzeuge die man für den Transport von Rohstoffen benötigt sind mit integriert.

Die Verkaufstrigger sind mit Uhrzeiten animiert (man kann nicht rund um die verkaufen)

Support gibt es ausschließlich nur mit angehängter Log-Datei

Support: https://forbidden-mods.de/forum/thread/10189-feedbackthread-label-modder-altkirch-im-elsass/

Discord Altkirch: https://discord.gg/4kCX7Cp

Haupthof: 1 Kuhstall , 1 Schweinestall , 1 Schafstall und 1 Hühnerstall

Rinderhof: 2 Kuhställe

Schafshof: 1 Schafstall

Schweinehof: 3 Schweineställe


2 Sägewerke

3 BGA`s







Es sind 32 Fruchtsorten verbaut (Maximum was Giants her gibt)

Benötigte Mods:



Empfohlene Mods:




Zum Schluss nochmals ein riesen DANKESCHÖN an alle die mir mit Rat und Tipps zur Seite und auch gestanden sind und natürlich auch meinen Testern » Read more


This is my first map that I have fully converted, edited and expanded.
That some things may not fit 100% should therefore be clear and understandable to everyone.
That’s why I would ask you, if you find any mistakes, you can join my Discord
report and leave constructive criticism, then nothing stands in the way of a V2.

Now my personal concern to the community:
The Ebsdorfer Heide would not have been possible in this form without the great support
from really great people, to whom I would like to say my very big thanks again:

Agi & Henry aka DieSimuFreunde – Thank you for releasing the map for the LS19
Heni aka. TalbachMagger – My mentor who was always by my side and, so to speak, taught the GE and continues to teach
DatAlex – The most annoying but best tester there is in LS and the whole test team
Harry / Pejay and Lance
Ifko [Nator] – for his scripts
TheAlienPaul & FarmingAgency – for the support with MaizPlus & HorseExtension
DerMindener – Approval of the Raiffeissen gas station
Merzi – release of the decorative cows
polo4g – Release of the Agravis building
tpTobi – installation support from Seasons
Wopster – ManureSystem

Now to the map:

Welcome to the Ebsdorfer Heide,

I don’t even know what to say about the Ebsdorfer Heide, many of you already know it from LS17.
Still, I don’t want to withhold some information from you.
The map is completely seasons ready, usable with the Manure System and has the full scope for Maiz + including Horse Extension.
The map itself was of course not changed in the main, but minimally adapted or expanded in certain areas.
You start well-known at the Kuhhof and already have a small fleet of vehicles, depending on the level of difficulty you already have land.

General information about the map:
Cow farm & hen house
Pig yard
Sheep pasture
(In this regard, you have to say that you have to buy the space to see the stables / pastures on the PDA.)
There is a building site for your creative yard
Various new points of sale
Manure purchase
newly placed cattle dealer
and many more.

Just have fun with the map.

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Euro Farms v1.0.0.0

Welcome to Euro Farms.
Map have:
2 farms (need download Required mods):
– Small and big with cows
– Buying animals
– 7 selling stations
– Buyable lime
– Train
– Vehicle traffic
– Pedestrian traffic
– Ground angle (only for PC)
– Several stages of plant growth
– Open gates – on the mouse button
– New crop textures
– New windrow textures
– New ground textures
– New tree textures
– Header and windrow animation textures
– New appearance of bales and cubes
– Accelerated vehicle traffic
– Water drawing point
– Manure in cowshed (2)
– 19 fields
– Missions on fields
– 10 grass fields
– 7 forest
– 41 lands
– 2 Fallow lands
– A lot of dirt roads
– Collisions on all models
– Hilly terrain
– Small, medium and large fields
– Interactive zones
– Sounds on map
– Lighting on map with shadows
– Paintable textures with grass and bushes
– Seasons ready with mask on ground and buildings
– Manure system ready (work on map, not on models)

Very important.
If some collision should be not work on some models you must sell him, buy and put in the same place on map.

Required mods:

Required Mods:
Lizard Bunker Silo (By: Nismo)
Grain Storage (By: Nismo)
Garages (By: Nismo)
Cowshed (By: Nismo)
Grain Storage (By: Nismo)
Garage (By: Nismo)
Sheds (By: Nismo) » Read more

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