Zielona Kraina v1.0

Welcome on Zielona Kraina! This is map with beatiful polish landscape.
On map you can find:
-217 fields and 27 meadows
-3 villages and 1 town
-9 different selling points
-5 placeable farms+ one big farm
-A few coppice
-Season ready
-New Additional Fruits (Carrot, Alfalfa, Rye, Triticale, Clover, Incarase grass, Onion)
-Manure system
-Maize Plus
-New light
-Ready for multiplayer, you can choice a farm on start
-New foliage textures
-Polish names owners of farmlands
I wish you a nice game!!!
Thank you very much for Jankus, Kosiorek, AjOski, Mariusz72R, Zakapiorek RSZ, Świat Szarpiego, Defes, Danielx321, Kamilos0397, CZarny317.
Author: ThatReider

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Les Chazets v1.0.0.1

Welcome to Les Chazets! We present here a typical map of French landscapes.

– Consoles release
– Improve textures

You will find on this map:
– French style environment
– 1 farm for cows, sheep and chickens
– 1 farm for pigs
– 1 farm for cereals
– About 60 fields
– 5 selling points
– 1 cattle market
– 1 sawmill
– Car traffic
– Pedestrians
– 1 spinning mill
– 1 supermarket (milk and eggs)
– Biogas system
– Ready for the seasons
– ManureSystem
And much more…

We wish you pleasant moments on this mythical map for years and representing the beautiful French landscapes.
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HofHau Map v2.0.0.0

Hello dear Ls 19 friends Finally the time has come Our Hof Hau Map has made it to the download and here we can presnet them for you

Version 2.0
Problems fixed Traffic is accelerated to 50kmh Without a manure system you can use a trigger to take liquid manure and digestate and with the manure system the hoses to the connections domes bunker volume of the BGA increased from 50,000 to 136,000 in some cases one or the other was fixed

(Sales outlets version Raiffeisen sales point for fruits Selling point for bales and wool cotton is the barn and sipnnerei at the cattle dealer where you can also buy and sell the animals The sawmill is the sales point for logs and chippings Raiffeisen sales point for fruits and there you can buy lime and fertilizer at the lime silo Selling point for bales and wool cotton is the barn and sipnnerei at the cattle dealer where you can also buy and sell the animals The sawmill is the sales point for logs and chippings There is a lot of grassland that can be turned into arable land very quickly with the help of a cultivator (What’s new in version 2.0) Manure System Ready (Attention you have to have the current version of the Manure system without this mod there are errors in the log but with the mod everything is good is also explained in the video At the dealer, 2 gates were installed with the time to open and close. Opening times Mon-Sat 8 am-6pm At the sawmill and at the Raiffeisen there are also 2 gates that open at 8 a.m. and close again at 5 p.m. that makes playing more realistic Then the nice little village of Schwarzenborn was added there is a building space for placeable objects and a BGA you can see more details in the video

Required mods to avoid in error

The map may not be rebuilt and offered new and may not be uploaded anywhere else in the originals !!!!!

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The map has:
– Two playable farms (separate for Multi)
– Seasons Ready
– Sawmill
– Purchase of cereals
– Purchase of sawdust
– Purchase of straw
– Purchase of milk
– Store with a workshop
– Farmlands around ~ 40
– Fields of various shapes and surfaces
– Fuel stations
– 32KW biogas plants
– New soil textures
– New rape texture
– New grass texture
– Purchase of liquid fertilizers
– Vehicle traffic
– Pedestrian traffic
– Purchase of wool
– And other…

Play, have fun.
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