Entre Os Montes Versao Final
+ 7 culturas
Centeio, sorgo, milhete, alfafa, trevo, alvarinho e tinta roriz
Correcçao de alguns erros

Por Favor Mantenham O Link Original

Entre Os Montes, mapa Português com relevo e design baseado no Norte de Portugal mais precisamente na regiao de Trás-Os-Montes e Alto Douro.

O mapa contém 23 campos dos quais alguns com relevo bastante acentuado.
14 Produtos Trigo, Cevada, Aveia, Algodão, Canola, Girassol, Soja, Milho, Batatas, Beterraba, Rabanete japonês, Choupo, Erva e Cana-de-açucar

7 Pontos de Venda estratégicamente colocados para o proveito maximo do mapa em que um deles tambem tem a possibilidade de compra de produtos como Fertilizante, Fertilizante liquido, herbicida e sementes

1 Ponto de compra para cal

Conta tambem com os animais, Vacas, Porcos, Ovelhas e Galinhas em espaço aberto.

A quinta está equipada com um grande silo de cereais e 3 silos para fertilizante, sementes e cal.

Tutorial do mapa:

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Lubelska Dolina v1.1.0.1

Welcome to Lubelska Dolina! This map is set in the east of Poland and more specifically in the Lublin region. This is a very extensive version of the map from FS17. Changelog:
– Adaptation of the map to consoles
– Fixed watering in cows
– Fixed eggs in chickens

The map has:
– 5 farms (cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and horses)
– Almost 190 fields (including meadows)
– 4 selling points
– Sugar factory (selling point beets and potatoes)
– Biogas plant
– Sawmill
– A huge forest
– Hilly terrain
– Missions on the fields
– New crop textures
– Animated door and light Changelog:
– Added Seasons (frozen water, snow on roads, mask seasons, bushes for the seasons)
– Added new crops: alfalfa, rye, triticale
– Added the possibility of dumping grain into garages
– Fixed cow farm
– Fixed horse farm
– Fixed levitating stuff
– Fixed BGA
– Painting of bushes has been improved
– Fixed farm on multiplayer

INFO: If you want to play straw Harvest DLC, maize or other mods which adds new fruits/file types on this map, you must play without seasons, because the map does not work with seasons has a limit for fruits

I hope you like the map. » Read more

The Old Farm Countryside v3.5.0.0

-The map has been adapted to be used with the Placeable Factories Mod.

-Pedestrians have been added through the town.
-High traffic has been added to the north of the map.
-Building textures have been retouched looking for an improvement of slots in the consoles.
-Several useless files have been removed.

-Three crops have been eliminated due to incompatibility with Seasons Mod. We will only have Millet, Sorghum, Rice and Rye.

– All animals are incorporated into the map, but you can add and place your own animal pastures anywhere else on the map if you wish.
– The main farm, along with the farm house, can be sold so you can build your own.
– 8 grain sales points, 1 sawmill, 2 BGAs and independent sales points distributed throughout the map where we can sell all the remaining products, sugar cane, beets, potatoes, milk, wool, cotton, eggs, wooden logs, of course the animals and the grass and the straw.
– 3 large forest areas.
– Several free water collection points.
– Animated doors that give access to the farm.
– 57 affordable lots with a variety of sizes.
– The old farm field includes all the features of Farming Simulator 19.
– Indicator posters.
– Traffic included. (It will be increased in the final version)
– Prepared for multiple terrain angles (available only for PC / Mac version)
– Custom lighting engine. (Subject to change)
– Custom transport missions and field missions.
– When using the tool to modify terrain and textures, add grass along with any of the 4 grass textures implemented on the map
– Remember that both the farm, with all its accessories, and the animals will only be available starting the game as New Farmer, the first of the three available options.
– This is the beta version, so the map is still subject to changes and modifications. Along with the possible errors you may find.

– This map is a much improved Farming Simulator 17 version conversion with many hours of work. I hope it is to your liking and enjoyment. » Read more

LS19 Hopfach v1.3.0.2

Changelog Release Version
EN l10n Fehlermeldung behoben
Shader ausgetauscht und erneuert
RealisticSeeder fix
Kompost dem richtigen Hofsilo hinzugefügt
Saatgut Trigger runter gesetzt bei Bauer Willi’s Hühnerfarm
Sollte ohne neues Savegame funktionieren, macht Euch aber zur Sicherheit ein Backup!

Umbau auf GC

Version 1.0.4
Verkehr verbaut
Map Sounds verbaut
Wassertrigger verbaut
Verkaufsstellen Anpassung
Doppelte Zäune entfernt
Schwebende Lichtschalter neu positioniert
Spawnpunkt der Raiffeisen in Otterbach angepasst (nun nicht mehr unter dem Trigger)

Version 1.0.3
Performance Anpassung – Da es zu abstürzen bei manchen kam durch die zu hohe Dichte vom Grass.
Für die, die keine Probleme hatten, gibt’s im foliage Ordner die Xml mit hoher Dichte.
Datei dann mit der in foliage überschreiben.

Version 1.0.2
BGAs implementiert
AnimatedObjects implementiert
Maprand verbaut

Teich in Unterscheffach gefixt
PDA Map angepasst
Fuhrprk nur dem “Neuer Farmer” zugänglich gemacht
Schwebender Lichtschalter in der Kartoffelwaschanlage gefixt
Fliegende Lampe aufm Kuhhof in Otterbach gefixt
Feldrandgras hinzugefügt
Kaufbare Parzellen auf 244 erhöht
Neuer Spielstand wird empfohlen.
“Neuer Farmer” muss aktuell noch immer seinen Hof selber erstellen.


Was braucht Ihr an Mods um die Karte zu spielen:
GlobalCompany: ls-modcompany modhub
Alles andere ist in der Karte integriert.

Friesenjung Transport Pack: Hopfach Transport Pack
Aktuellste Version:

Wichtige Infos:
1. Da die Hopfach nicht gerade klein ist, sind mindestens 8GB Ram zu empfehlen.
2. Im Multiplayer muss der Server nach dem Kauf der Hofsilos einmal neugestartet werden, damit Ihr dann die Hofsilos nutzen könnt.
3. Minimum Patch ist 1.5.1.
4. Savegames aus älteren Versionen werden nicht unterstützt.
5. Platzierbare Ställe werden nicht unterstützt.
6. Bei gegenseitigem Lohnstatus können auch Produktionsmaterialien von beiden Nutzern benutzt werden.

Alternativer Downloadlink:
Uploaded Premium only: https://bit.ly/2BvVMcN

LSMC Forum: ls-modcompany
Discord: LS19_Hopfach
Wird nur auf eine nicht modifizierte Version der Hopfach geleistet, bei Veränderung erlischt der Support für Euch. Dem solltet Ihr Euch bewusst sein.
Hilfestellung wird Euch nur mit vollständiger Log gegeben. Diese könnt Ihr unter “…/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019” finden. Alles andere wird ignoriert, da raten nicht so mein Fall ist.

Das erneute Hochladen auf anderen Webseiten ist nicht erwünscht.
Nun wünsche ich Euch ganz viel Spaß beim Erkunden und spielen auf der Hopfach!
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La Coronella Map v1.0.5.0

-The map has been adapted to be used with the Placeable Factories Mod.
-The fumes from the chimneys were eliminated because they were the cause of flashes on consoles.
-The height of the Supermarket point of sale was adjusted.
-The height of some buildings was modified.
-Added animation in the Lake. The water level will rise or fall at certain times of the day.
-The trigger of the production pallets was adjusted to improve their sale.

Welcome to La Coronella. This map is a figment of your imagination, nothing you find on it is based on a specific location. I hope you enjoy the map and its features.
In La Coronella you will find 2 predefined farms, where you can store all kinds of products, both in silos and in bunkers. In both cases, in order to use the silos, you must be the owner of the land where they are located; if you sell said land, you will not be able to use said storage silos.
Enjoy the 2 Biogas plants distributed on the map, 1 Compost Plant, which converts wood chips, sugar cane, straw or manure and several forest areas for afforestation.
In addition, you can also enjoy 5 new crops, such as Millet, Sorghum, Rye, Rice and Triticale.
When it comes to selling your products, you can choose from a large number of agricultural stations, some of them for specific products. You will also find silos for the purchase of seeds, fertilizers, etc. Don’t forget that these places will have opening and closing hours, just like the farm store.
As for the animals, you must take a walk around the map and locate the different stables distributed on the map, in order to use them you must be the owner of the land where they are located. Buy and sell the different animals in specific places on the map.
You cannot miss the transport missions, where you will find several custom ones.
As a novelty, in the main farm you can enjoy the production of cheese and olive oil, which are obtained from Milk and Sunflower respectively.
Finally, enjoy a beautiful landscape, with varied decoration and different animations.

Required Mods:
– Def Pack (By: sperrgebiet) » Read more

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