Imbiss Booth v1.0.0.0

If you build a holiday village on your map, you definitely need a chip shop and a small shop.
This mod combines both in one building with a few wooden tables for the hungry guests.
The chip shop is also a sales station with a very good price for potatoes.
The shop and the french fries shop are closed at night.
Note: The building does not level automatically. So you have to level the terrain beforehand. » Read more

Wind Turbine Windmaker 12000 v1.0.0.0

Here is my small wind turbine with a total output of 12KW.
You can find the system in the shop under “Placeable Objects” in the “Miscellaneous” section.
In connection with the Seasons Mod, the system rotates automatically in the current wind direction and generates
different yield depending on the prevailing wind speed,
what you can see when the rotor turns at different speeds.
That means: no wind = system is standing = no money
However, the Seasons Mod is not a must to play with the Mod, it works like that, just without the realistic functions mentioned above 🙂
Perfect for the cold autumn / winter days on your farms 😉
I hope you enjoy it

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Bottle Production v2.0.0.0 By BOB51160

BONJOUR a tous aujourd’hui je vous présente une Usine de bouteilles écologiques,ce n’est pas mon mods de départ,mais j’ai voulu faire une version 2,Donc version en FRANCAIS et j’ai changer les Capacity de 20000L a 50000L,et aussi changer l’aspect de l’écran de controle qui est aussi en FRANCAIS,les crédit vont aussi a S.M.F.S/JG82 merci a tous et bon jeu…..BOB51160.

HELLO everyone today I present to you an ecological bottles factory, this is not my starting mods, but I wanted to make a version 2, So version in FRENCH and I changed the Capacity from 20000L to 50000L , and also change the aspect of the control screen which is also in FRENCH, the credits also go to SMFS / JG82 thank you all and have a good game ….. BOB51160.

Hallo allerseits, heute präsentiere ich euch eine ökologische Flaschenfabrik, dies ist nicht meine Startmodifikation, aber ich wollte eine Version 2 machen, also Version in FRANZÖSISCH und ich habe die Kapazität von 20000L auf 50000L geändert , und ändern Sie auch den Aspekt des Kontrollbildschirms, der auch auf FRANZÖSISCH ist. Die Credits gehen auch an SMFS / JG82. Vielen Dank an alle und haben ein gutes Spiel ….. BOB51160. » Read more

Wind turbine Micon M530 v1.0.0.0

Here my wind turbine of the type Micon M530, of the former Danish manufacturer Micon from the early 1990s with 250 kilowatts total output on a 30 meter tower.
You will find the system in the shop under “Placeable objects” in the section “Miscellaneous”.

In connection with the Seasons Mod the turbine automatically turns in the current wind direction and generates, depending on the prevailing wind speed, different yields, which can be seen from the different speeds of the rotor.
Will mean: no wind=plant stands=no money!
The Seasons Mod is not a must to play with the mod, but it works the same way, just without the above mentioned realistic functions 🙂
Perfect for the cold autumn/winter days on your farms 😉
I hope you enjoy it. » Read more

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