Autoload Pack v1.0.0.0

Automatic Loading Package To Load Big Bags and Pallets.
-Large Sacks: You can Transport Pallet of Fertilizer, Lime, Seeds or Pig Food. Can Supply Seeding Machines and Sprayer in Fields.
-Pallet: It can be used to transport pallets of eggs, milk or wool. It is possible to Load or Unload Egg, Milk or Wool only When Connected.
Attach and Place the Pallet Trailer in the Loading or Unloading Area and the Trailer will Load Automatically.
To Download the Products the Message will appear on the Screen To start the Download with Egg, Milk or Wool depending on the Product you carry.

Price: € 6,200
-Eggs: 19,200 L
-Milk: 20,000 L
-Wool: 8,000 L
-Store category: Tools – Animals.

Big Sacks:
-Price: € 9,500
-Capacity: 20 Pallet.
-Fertilizer: 20,000 L
-Cal: 40,000 L
-Seeds: 20,000 L
-Food for Pigs: 20,000 L
-You can find this Trailer in the Category of Trailers. » Read more

CSZ Equipment Pack v1.4.6.5

CSZ Equipment Pack contains over 140 equipment from the CSZ product range. These equipments are made for tractors, front loaders, skid steer loaders, telehandlers and wheel loaders. These include the following equipment: silage bucket, bucket for potatoes and beets, normal bucket, bucket with grapple, raptor bucket, bucket with central exhaust, bale fork, manure fork, fork with grapple, big fork, fork for wrapped bales, biting fork, big bag handler, extension cord, cage, adapters, translator, extra elevation, pallet fork, pallet fork with grapple, double pallet fork, fork for logs, log shovel, hook for lifting, arm for the lift, extension for lifting, scraper, dozer blade, dozer blade with extension and mixer.

– removed specialization for loading the pallets.
– improved the configurations.

– improved the configurations.
– added support for tension belt.

– clean log file.

– added loading of the pallets to all the pallet forks except the double width ones. This works for any pallet if it is defined pallet.
– improved multiplayer performance causing problems with baling unloading.
– added the support for bale of Addon Straw Harvest.
– added new model.
– added new translations.
– some minor bug fixes.

– IMPORTANT: For a better experience of using the bale forks, please choose to buy the correct tools, in case you have or don’t have the John Deere Cotton DLC. For those who don’t have this DLC, we’ve added new tools to the game store, with this message: “IMPORTANT: don’t use this tool if you have the John Deere Cotton DLC.”. We have also improved the existing tools for those who have this DLC. Please now, if you don’t have this DLC, use these new tools.
– added the support for big bales size same the Hesston balers.
– added the support for new fill types: potatoWashed and potatoSorted.
– some minor bug fixes.

– fixed problem with automatic bale loading, caused by John Deere Cotton DLC.
– added new translations.
– some minor bug fixes.

– added new models. » Read more

AM Mods – Tuning Pack v1.0.0.0

AM Mods – Tuning Pack
Here is my first Mod Tuning Pack in the LSFarmManagerTV Edition. Additionally for all fans of the Ostseefarmer come here at your expense.
Version 1.0
Included in the Tuning Pack:
Fendt 1000 Vario
Design selection (without sticker, LS Farm Manager TV Logo, Baltic Sea Farmer Logo) added
colour choice rims
Krampe SB 30/60
Design selection (without sticker, LS Farm Manager TV Logo, Baltic Sea Farmer Logo) added
Capacity increased to 75,000 litres
unloading speed increased
This mod may not be uploaded to any other website or portal without my permission. This mod may also not be modified and then uploaded to other sites or portals. » Read more

Kharon Retro TSZ Pack v1.0


Here is my first Retro TSZ mod selection which includes the following machines:
1. MTZ-82
2. MTZ 1025
3. Zetor 12045-16145 Pack
4. Fiatagri 180-90
5. John Deere 40 Series
6. Fortschritt ZT 320-323-A
7. Kirovets K-700A
8. Raba-180.0
9. Rába-Steiger Series
10. Kamaz 55111
11. IFA W50 Grain Construction
12. VAZ 2103
13. Fortschritt E516 Harvester Pack
14. Claas Mega Pack
15. Don 680
16. MF 356 Loader Pack
17. Fortschritt E 303 Pack
18. Agromasz POH5 Multicolor
19. MCF 530 Pack
20. ISRK 12
21. Agromasz Salvis 3800
22. Old Forage Wagons Tandem
23. Protivoves V1
24. Pilmet 400L
25. FS19 HTS Modpack
26. Lizard Z-510
27. HW80 Bale Trailer
29. PRT-10
30. Slurry Dealer Pack
31. Agromasz AP30
32. EB7/70 Pack
33. FS 19 HW80 Trailer Pack
34. Wells
35. Manure And TMR Pallet
36. Windmill
37. Agro Pack Vol.1
38. Barrel Weight

Unzip the downloaded archive before playing!
Most machines have a working speed of 15 km/h, and most of their capacity is at a default value.
Have fun with the modpack! » Read more

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