Agroliner TKD 302 Used v1.0.0.0

How good that the most popular trailer from the LS19 is now also available as an inexpensive used model.

In addition, this used trailer can be overmolded in a color of personal choice. Not only can you hang a turntable trailer on this trailer, but also other trailer types, for example this Agroliner or a Farmtech trailer.

The mods did their job successfully in my Build and Let’s Play videos. I’ve also tried hard to make everything work, but I can’t guarantee it. Use at your own risk 🙂 » Read more

Krampe Bandit 750 v1.2.0

Hello, We at Westfalenmodding offer you a converted Krampe from the standard game. He got a lot of cool stuff like Bulkheads, multiple tires. Lg. Paw from Westfalenmodding

Version 1.2.0
The configuration “bulkheads” has been extended with a fire extinguisher, a metal box and a license plate and renamed to “accessories”.
I also added (paw) Vredestein tires.

A perfectly functioning Krampe Bandit, which was converted from the standard game. » Read more

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