Krone TX460D v1.1.1.5

decals of the luggage compartment cover
Fixed the float
Fixed tires
Color choice added and
Tire confis added

Here is our our Krone TX460D which we have copied according to rl and we want to make it available for you.

What was done:
He was protected from the Triedem to a tandem

We have installed 2 different fillVolums so that they fit the appropriate structure

E.g. for the load compartment cover the confi cover aubau is there and if you have the metal structure you can use both if you want

we have installed different tire confis
You can choose whether with or without shower rollers
You have different reflectors that you can choose via confi
Two special features of the car are that you can open the door via SIC and
the wall at the front of the grille moves with you like in the rl and thus speeds up unloading

and now it’s good info now we wish you a lot of fun with the car

This mod may only be uploaded to other portals with the original link! » Read more

Valzelli Cubex Pack v2.0.0.0

Changelog v2.0.0.0:
– Added new model (Cubex 180)
– New spreading system configuration (spear + exact scatterer)
– New spreading system configuration (water transport)

– You can refill with water, but only to transport for triggers like animals. Not for spreading.
– No helper with spear (or spear + exact scatterer) spreading system.

Valzelli Cubex Pack contains:
– Valzelli Cubex 4X
Price: 85.000 €
Capacity: 40.000 l
Needed Power: 320 hp
Max. Working speed: 12 kph
Working width: 6,5 m – 15 m – 35 m – 42 m

– Valzelli Cubex 180
Price: 35.000 €
Capacity: 18.000 l
Needed Power: 120 hp
Max. Working speed: 12 kph
Working width: 6,5 m – 15 m – 35 m – 42 m

– Base color configurations
– Rims color configurations
– Decals color configurations
– Wheels configurations
– Design configurations
– Spreading system configurations
– PTO configurations
– Animated axles
– Internal fill level
– Manure System ready » Read more

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