Tatra T148 PHM v2.1.0.0

This is a conversion from FS13

The author is “Stywy”. Thank you very much for your permission.
Conversion and animation “dj-tail”, thus any mistakes fall on my head and I take full responsibility for them.

– the capacity of the tank is 15000 liters, it will take a while before you fill it 🙂
– refueling of machines is set to 10L / s
– opening the door
– functional tachometer
– backlit decking
– indicators for lights, high beams and turn signals

Hope you like it and serve it well 🙂 » Read more

Scania 113H 4×2 v1.0.0.0

Hello community, today i present you my Scania 113H!

First, please read the description, so you know everything that you need.

-The model is converted from ETS2.
-You need SimpleIC in order to get the animations to work.
-The mod is not perfect, but i did my best.
-No errors in the log.

-Full UDIM textures.
-Choose of cabin color
-Choose of chassi color
-Choose of rim color
-Choose of hub color
-2 engine configs (320 and 360 hp)
-3 wheel sets
-Grill signs config (TIR and Michelin)
-Choose of sounds (old and new) both are custom
-Animated doors
-Animated windows
-Animated cabin
-Animated front panel
-..and more

Big thanks to the people that helped me with that mod! » Read more

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