Caterpillar 345D Pack
Excavatrice pour Farming Simulator 2017

Model and Parts:
Caterpillar 345D Model From CGTRADER by Marek Rybacki
Buy and Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Standart Frame Model From CS15
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Crawler Model From Dig It
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Extinguisher, radio and more From Free3D by ?
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Vest, From FS15 by FT Modding
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Misc Decals From Web
Secure Decals From Liebherr L538 and JCB 435s FS15 by Giants Software
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Interior from Volvo EC300 FS15 by Vince3D
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Trimble from Volvo EC300 FS15 By Titi’s 3D
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

Other Tools From FS17 map by Giants Software

Shovel R n HDR From FS15 by Salmon
Modification by L’Affreux Moddeur

AddConfig by Ifko
AddCategorie by Ifko
BackupCamACGui by Sveni
CabinControl by Spartan086
CabinSuspension by JoXXer
DisplayControl by RivalBomb
ExaustEffect by Karol Gruszczyk
Godet by Fredzaza
IndoorSound by RivalBomb
InteractiveControl by Manuel Leithner
Joystick by FT Modding
Mechanism by Автор Кирюха Тельтевской
NewExaustEffect by Modelleicher
NoSmokeNoFun by Martin Fabik
RafftnixGUI by Rafftnix
SetVisibility by Ifko
VehicleEntering by 50keda

Sounds from FS17
Attach Sound from CS15
Other Sound from Unknow

I3d/Script/Ingame/Animation/Skin/Colormask/Washable and more by L’Affreux Moddeur

Good Games and contact the modder for modification!

FS17_Caterpillar_345D_Pack (file size = 48 MB)

One comment

  • FS-Gamer

    Good job in modding……. !
    How can i change the axis from cabin, arms or shovel (some directions are vice versa)?
    I won´t do it in the options, because other mods don´t work correct with………
    Maybe separate steering axis in the options, so each one can change the axis he likes?

    Kind regards 🙂

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