Goldcrest Valley. Have the map made for me, but make them available here as well.

Version 1.7 Final
Cow and pig silo. (From farmerads)
Melkmachine installed. Additional lighting at the Kuhstll and the courtyard.
The barrel brought out of the air.
PDA map recreated.

So the map is really final for me.
At least for the time being;)
The fields were enlarged, a forest at Schweinestall fell victim. The cowshed placed between the pigsty and the farm. Raise and lower terrain.
The courtyard has a bit more space, but was little added to buildings, it is clear – I do not need a navi to find me in the yard.
So everyone can also place the yard with placeable objects in game itself.
The trains including the tracks were removed. Unloading stations of the trains have been converted, and are now usable with each vehicle.
All placed buildings are for sale. The PDA map is up-to-date.
Maybe somebody liked it.

Credits: Kuh- und Schweinestahl Silo von farmerads
Original Map:GIANTS


centralvalleyfinal (file size = 637 MB)

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