Update 2017/03/01 – v1.1
Added support for maps that have the ChoppedStraw functionality embedded (i.e. maps that don’t require the ChoppedStraw mod itself for the chopped straw to work) (e.g. Sosnovka NOT V3)

This is an addon for the ‘Chopped Straw’ mod by Webalizer. Without the Chopped Straw mod, this addon will NOT work.

This mod enables all direct sowing machines (i.e. seeders that can be used on unprepared soil, like the Väderstad Rapid A 600S) to work the chopped straw on your field into the ground, which is not supported by the original mod.
Installation is simple: Place the zip file in your mods folder, enable it for your savegame (which has the Chopped Straw mod enabled), and it should work.
The log file will always let you know if the mod is either active or not. The warning indicating that the mod is not active will take a while before it shows, since the script waits for the Chopped Straw mod to load. When the Chopped Straw mod hasn’t been loaded after some time, the addon disables itself.
This automatic disabling could cause the script to not enable when your map takes a long time to load (it shouldn’t, but it could happen), even though the ChoppedStraw mod is available in that savegame. If this is the case, please let me know in the support topic.

Credits: Webalizer – Original ChoppedStraw mod
Timmiej93 – Direct Seeding Addon


FS17_CS_DirectSeedingAddon  (file size = 18 KB)

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