Claas Xerion 4000-5000 (3rd generation) V 2.0.0

Xerion Beast Power Pack. models 4000/4500/5000

Exclusive design contains the exact model and a lot of scripts

There are several xerion tractor but not that I might have on my farm.
I myself and have it played long enough to give it back to you.

Main Information:
-> From 419 to 520 hp
-> Washable
-> New Texture
-> New IC
-> Belechtung
-> Mirrors
-> Speedometer and tachometer
-> Many animation in the cabin
-> CEBIS computer system (two versions) with moving parts of the panel
-> Three options turn the wheels
-> Changed hydraulic
-> 5 sets of tires which were developed by ExtremeBB!
-> VC Trac When the cabin is also centrally on the frame, but may be rotated by 180 °.
-> In LOG you find any errors;)

In this issue there is no Kaweco because I do not have permission to add these!

That’s ban on processing these Xerion and insert modules on the page with another link!

****** ****** ExtremeBB Mods Factory
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Credits: Modell/Textur/Script: Mr Fox, Marthu, Avirum3D, ExtremeBB
Sounds: DerFreddy_7


FS17_ClaasXerion4000Premium  (file size = 111 MB)

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