Hello! I have for you my 3rd generation Xerion in Saddle Trac version!
* Everything has full script! Many IC options, washbar, RDA, hydraulic animations, computer system, alarms, joystick animation
* Many configurations for wheels, paint and front hydraulics
* Engine with 419 hp and we also have a motor on chip with 500 hp!
* Choose between 4 colors with another grill! (As V2)
* There are no mistakes in the LOG!

Xerion Saddle Trac equipment (all will be improved, now a beta version!)
Category AR in Speicher!
Slurry technology
* Fliegl VFW20000
* Zunhammer manure 16000 liters
Fertilizer technology
* Amazone ZGB8200-10 with 18000 liters
* Bredal ARK125 with 22000 liters
Manure Technology
* Bergmann MSAR20
Silage technology
* Bergmann HTW 65

Credits: Modell/Textur/Script: Mr Fox, Marthu, Avirum3D, ExtremeBB
Innerhalb: CMT
Ausstattung: ExtremeBB, Gnescher, GTX Mods
Sounds: DerFreddy_7

FS17_ClaasXerion4000SaddleTracV1 (file size = 139 MB)

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