Here your first Christmas gift from Tonny (c) and Beetle.

Converting by: Beetle

So here it is for you, the Coca Cola Christmas truck from home We hope you all have a Merry Christmas and wish you a Happy New Year.
The truck is intended as a show combination, but can also transport food.

A thank you goes to Sven777b for assistance when installing the lights. Also at Age1000 for his help when editing the model. Also Atardis / not forgetting 3mailx whose ideas we have taken. to have VWFahrer80 for his great work truck brought the already long time ago in LS.
I hope I have not forgotten anyone, otherwise just send a message and I’ll write you pure;)
Merry Christmas and a Happy wüscht you the team.
Please use the original link!
This mod must be passed using the original links and info!
Please use the original download link!
Please unzip the file and move CocaCola_UNpack.rar folder into your mods.

Credits Truck:
Model: ETS + + Age1000 Tonny (c)
LS ready: VWFahrer80
Skin + Lights: Beetle & Tonny (c)
Scripting: Tonny (c) & Sven777b


FS17_CocaColaTruck (file size = 20 MB)


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