Here are some mods from FS15 i used Giants editor 7.2 to convert to FS17. I have tested these mods myself and they work perfectly fine. no errors, no glitches.
Package Includes the Following:
32M CaselIH Air Seeder: Holds 400,000 Seeds Per Seed Type. Takes less then half a second to fill.
50M Plow/Disk

BuyBales: It Takes For Ever To Create Seed So This Mod Comes in handy, you can now by grass, hay & silage Bales from the store
pick them up using a bale collector.
Car Trailer: This used for the atv
Feed Trailer: Yes Fs17 has 1 but this trailer can hold up to 999,999,999 of all seed types, gasoline & fertilizer.
felling 30FT: This is just for decoration, its a camper trailer. you can pull it though place it where ever you want.
Horsh Grubber 50M
John Deere 15Inch Multiseeder: Holds 900,000 of each seed type, takes less then a second to fill it
Multifruit, Multifruitmodulestandard, Multifruitlandgaming, & Multivitamin128. These Are add-on mods.
Hope you like em. more to come soon!

Credits: MrPapaWolf, Thomas, Eagle355th, Giants Editor


convertedmods-un-zip-me  (file size = 77 MB)


  • Eren

    how to convert your done

  • I cant get any of these to work in game, mosted still have version 21 in moddesc would be so nice to have that Case air seeder 32m up and running though…i love that seeder…maybe someone that can actually mod, get this seeder going,PLEASE, but for the rest of it like choppedstraw and alll those a FS15 still.

  • chalupar

    NONE of these modifications is working. Damn……….

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