This is the DB 8 neues_Design! Partly Disigin changed! It can now accommodate 15,000 ltr!

Version 2.0
Can now load 21000 ltr
New design get so many questions are there!

He scored Scots and the tires are multiple interchangeable From AW305 380 55R17 T404 400 60R15 5 AW305 480 45R17 AW309 500 50R17 T404 400 55R22 5
I find this MetaltechDB 8 Neues_Design great!
Maybe having one or another loss this build as Ballcarts order would be happy !!!
This is true of MetaltechDB_8_Neues_Design Giants but I have new gestalltet him !! I have made him a mod so you can carry on it more !!!
Have fun with it !!!
Log is error free!

Credits: Modell: DB_8_Neues_Design
Textur: Meine
Idee / Konzept: Lust und zeit gehabt
Tester: Ich Thunder01


DB_8_Feuer_Design  (file size = 24 MB)

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