DEUTZ AGROSTAR 6.08 – 6.38 DH V1.0.0.0

Dynamic Hose:
front / rear / front loader

IC control:
– roof hatch
– doors
– Window
– Write wiper
– Mirror

Aloe console

Shop selection:
Used Look / New Painted
Many tires to choose from
Engine version 6.08 to 6.38 u. 6.38 Special
Rim color selectable

Exhaust original or on the cabin for even more freesight
…. many more little things …. 😉

Rear hydraulic switches(animated)
….and and and….

Credits: Giants Software GmbH
3d Modell: Puma (FBM Team)
Pictures: Marc B. (FBM Team)
Video: Exit LP / Simuplanet

FBM17_DeutzAgroStar_638_Puma (file size = 49 MB)

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