Ahoy together

Version 1.1.1
Bunker Compression is increased
Small fixes
Rough_Cube and Specular of slices

I want you my today withdrawn from the game and converted Series 9 of Deutz provide. Please do not be so hard on me, it’s my first real Mod I have rebuilt and put available. There is still no master fell from the sky. 🙂

What has been done:
Color windows
Added wide tires + weights for wheel configuration
Interiorbleuchtung (thanks to TV_BEAST)
Engine performance lifted during 9340 something (thanks to Morice)
Added color choice for the rim
Xenon installed & beam expanded (low beam, labor and reversing light)
Design selection added (Standard, Camo, Stickerbomb & Digicamo)
Installed daytime running LED
Now, a brief explanation of the design:
Depending on which style you choose, the color of the LEDs changes:
Standard Design -> red LED
Camo Design -> White LED
Stickerbomb Design -> turquoise LED
DigiCamo Design -> gray LED
The LOG is error-free and it runs both the SP and the MP problems.
It would be nice if The ones among you have the one Uploaded account, this use also;)
In this sense


Credits: Giants
Idee / Konzept: H4nnib4l22


Deutz_Series9_Design (file size = 50 MB)

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  • Jan

    są też bardzo mocne ciągniki w realu co przed żadną pracą na roli nie pękają na taki właśnie czekam może ktoś się wykona taki mocny ciągnik byłbym bardzo wdzięczny w ls 2015 był taki jeden z góry dzięki

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