Goldcrest Hills map rebuilt standard map.

Animal Pedestrian by Pietrykov
Dog, cat, gull, horses etc.
Built mods:
SA Central Trade of Zews
SA BioGas plant of Zews

SA pallet plant from Zews
SA cartonboard factory from Zews
SA greenhouses of Zews
Strawberries, raspberries and redcurrant

Fertilizer, seeds and gas at the farm
New halls with gates and chopped straw ready.
Built mods:
Farm gas station of AI-Modding (new trigger set)
Luxury House of 20mmNormandy (Large Scale)
Supply by Sosnova – Map
Halls Pack by RedSky (large scale)
Machines hall of Arii
Objects Pack by Arii
ChoppedStraw by Webalizer

Planning for the next version is the animals at farm.

Credits: Modell: Giants/ Imperon
Textur: Standart
Script: Webalizer, Farmer_Andy und Blacksheep-RC-Devil
Idee / Konzept: Giants/ Imperon
Tester: Imperon
Sonstige: AI-Modding, 20mmNormandy, RedSky, Fendfan1, Zews
Desperados93,El Cid, lebaronxz, Fatian, Farmer_Andy und Arii

LS17_Dorf_GodshornNEW (file size = 782 MB)

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