The driveControl-Mod now also extends the LS17 modular with many small functions such as a turn-key configuration and extended functions for the CruiseControl. The Mod consists of modules, which can be individually switched on and off.

The fact that Giants nevertheless one or other function in the LS17 directly took over could I clean up the whole something.

In V4.0, the following modules are included in the driveControl in time for the release:

· Shuttle: shuttle module (reversing circuit)
· SoftGas: Improved throttle / brake for keyboard driver
· CruiseControl: Advanced functions for the cruise control
· ImplementControl: Additional operating options for attaching devices (no device interconnection necessary!)
· FourWDandDifferentials: 4-wheel and differential gear
· ShowNearestFillLevel: Level indicator for the neighboring vehicle
· PipeCam: additional camera for supercharger / thresher / shredder

No longer in the driveControl (and why not):

· ManMotorStart: Integrated in the LS17
· ManMotorKeepTurnedOn: Integrated in the LS17
· GasAndGearLimiter: Helper in the LS17 can be adjusted via cruise control, for manual driving there is the limiter in the cruiseControl as well as the softGas module
· Hourcounter: Integrated in the LS17
· SensibleSteering: Integrated in the LS17 (dead zones for the individual axes can finally be defined in the menu)
· HandBrake: Integrated in the LS17, if only automatically
· InDoorSound: Integrated in the LS17
· DirtModule: Hopefully solved in the LS17 better and no longer necessary
· Camera: FOV is now set centrally, ergo: Integrated in the LS17
· FruitDestruction: from Giants as “Realism Mod” directly with released, ergo: Integrated in the LS17
· FreeSteering: Not applicable because apparently overtakes
· GroundResponse: This is the only module I would have liked to convert, but this was not possible in the bret of time.

You could almost my Giants would have looked at the driveControl actually times.
Modules On / Off and configure

This is all done in the driveControl_config.xml. This is located in the same directory as the log.txt (who does not know where it is located: very quickly find)) and is created by driveControl on the first start of the mod there.

Here is the whole contents of the file (V4.00), I hope this is sufficiently self-explanatory:



<Shuttle> true </ shuttle>

<FourWDandDifferentials> true </ FourWDandDifferentials>

<CruiseControl> true </ CruiseControl>

<ShowNearestFillLevel> true </ ShowNearestFillLevel>

<PipeCam> true </ PipeCam>

<ImplementControl> true </ ImplementControl>

<SoftGas> true </ SoftGas>

</ Modules>


<MaxGasOnModifier> 0.300000 </ maxGasOnModifier>

</ SoftGas>

</ DriveControl>
Keyboard assignments are found as usual in the menu (or rather prefer the inputBindings.xml). All driveControl inputs are easily recognizable by a pre-defined “dC:”.
Reversing circuit (shuttle module)

With this module the accelerator pedal to the accelerator pedal and the brake pedal to the brake pedal – even when reversing! The direction of travel can be changed by default with the empty button and is indicated by a small green arrow.

With this module the cruise control can also be used backwards.

In addition, you can also use separate buttons for forward and backward. If these are actuated several times in one direction, they also switch to the cruise control.

In addition to deactivating the entire module, this module can also be switched on and off by pushing the button again.
SoftGas module

Keyboard drivers will use this module to gently accelerate and give brakes. In addition to pressing W or A, simply press Shift (left), then the corresponding pedal will be pressed only 30%. That makes itself, for example, for front loader work very well. The value can be adjusted in the xml at will (maxGasOnModifier).

With this module the cruise control gets some new operating modes. These can be interfaced with Shift-3. Additional modes are:

· Stop at 100% level
· Stop at 0% level.
· Move parallel
· Speed limiter

While the first two should be self-explanatory, a few words about the last two:

In the parallel driving mode, the cruise control adjusts the speed so that it is possible to travel neatly parallel to the nearest vehicle. That is, Steering is still necessary (or takes GPS). Which vehicle is this is determined when the parallel mode is switched on and can be reset to the next vehicle by switching on the cruise control mode or by pressing CTRL-3. You can adjust the longitudinal distance during running control by pressing “cruise control high” (2) and “cruise control down” (1). Just when chopping or similar overloading masks times try.

In the “speed limiter” mode, the entered value is also active as a limiter when the cruise control is switched off. This allows the maximum speed of the vehicle to be reduced during the drive. This also allows comfortable driving at reduced speed with the keyboard, without having to constantly hammers on the W button.
ImplementControl: Operate attachments

Caution: The key assignment for this module is not pre-assigned! Everyone has to configure for themselves!

With this module, several assignable inputs are available to control the individual attachments separately. This enables a rear and a front attachment unit to be switched on and off, and switched on and off without the need to switch through the devices with G.

The corresponding input bindings are:

· driveControlImplementFront

· driveControlImplementBack

· driveControlImplementFrontOnOff

· driveControlImplementBackOnOff

For me, besides, one of the most important modules – if you look at the buttons on the steering wheel you can almost completely work on the field without having to access the keyboard.
All-wheel drive & differential locks

This module changes the differentials in all 4×4 vehicles. The Giants-own Wischiwaschi-differentials are replaced in the tugs by technically plausible behavior. By default all modified vehicles with rear axle drive are running. Switching on the front axle, ie the all-wheel drive, works via SHIFT-4.

The axle differentials are no longer self-locking. You can now lock these completely with SHIFT-5 (front axle) and SHIFT-6 (rear axle).

Driving with these possibilities you have to practice – as in real – something.

If you like the old semi-automatic differentials better: No problem! Switch module off, done.
ShowNearestFillLevel: Level indicator for the neighboring vehicle

This module shows the fill level of the nearest vehicle in addition to its own fill level.

With this module you can take a look from the top of the overloading device by pressing and holding the AltGr button, if the current vehicle has something like this (forage harvester, thresher, overhead wagon, truck etc).
End Mod Description …
… and something else:

The reason why I started with Modden and especially the scripts was the desire to make a halfway interesting simulation from the only available platform – at the time the LS13 and later the LS15. It has always pleased me how much these small or bigger interventions have been found in all those who have not wanted an arcade game, but a simulation, which has at least a little with real agriculture. The result is still far from the target, but the direction seemed to be right.

With Cattle and Crops, we finally have a real alternative for exactly the target group for which I have made mods so far. It is no secret that I have been supporting this project for quite a long time with advice and action.

In order not to let you hang up to the beginning of the Early Access I will still convert for the LS17, as far as is reasonably possible, my mods. There will be no release for the release of “Wildkonvertierungen”, just as little as newly developed mods.

In this sense: “Happy Farming” and “See you on the other side!”

Credits: Modell: –
Textur: –
Script: upsidedown
Idee / Konzept: upsidedown
Tester: –
Sonstige: artwork Eribus


zzz_drivecontrol (file size = 50 KB)

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