DUMP RAMP V1.0.2.7

​Hello FS 17 farmers.
​I have converted a ramp for the Jenz crushers for us to use in FS17. I have tested this extensively and it does work. Let me know of any issues. I have not found any.

​Purchase in placeables in store for $12,500. Then start loging.
​Use dumper or belt type trailers to load 1 meter logs into. Wall pusher logs seem to cause problems with logs going every where insted of out the back.
​Credit to Ingo for orginal FS 15 mod
​Converted and improved by Bulwark for FS 17.

Credits: Original mod for FS 15 by Ingo
Converted and improved for FS 17 by Bulwark


FS17_PlaceableRamp_JENZ_Crushers (file size = 788 KB)

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