Welcome to the Dutch Polders in the province of Zeeland!

Changelog v1.2.0.1
– Removed grass patch in gravel on main farm
– Fixed sheep triggermarkers floating
– Woodchip prices show in menu
– Fixed animal dirt areas

– Fields outside map boundaries no longer show on growth map in menu
– Fixed straw and liquidmanure planes for the cows

This map is based on an existing area in the Netherlands, where my father has a farm. The map includes the following:
– All farming functions from standard map (animals, sawmill, missions, etc.)
– Several farms to store vehicles
– Three areas for each of the animals
– 45 realistically sized fields with the possibility to create several huge fields
– Two sellpoints for your crops
– Mostly flat land with some dikes like in real life
– Standard workshop on own farm
– ChoppedStraw ready

Credits: Rennuh


FS17_dutchPolder (file size = 334 MB)

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